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Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Addressable panels are usually more advanced than their conventional counterparts, with greater information capacity and control flexibility. Addressable Fire Alarm System employs one or more Signaling Line Circuits - usually referred to as loops.

Signaling Line Circuit monitors and controls several hundred devices. Some protocols permit any mix of detectors and input/output modules, each device has its own address, and so the panel knows the state of each individual device connected to it. Common addressable input (initiating) devices include

Smoke Detectors
Multisensor Detectors
Heat Detectors (Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature)
Manual Call Points
Hooters / Sounders
Fault Isolators

Systems Diagram
Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Every device connected to the addressable system has its own unique address. When a fire is detected, the device’s address shows up on the main control panel, telling exactly which device has been activated. This will enable to find the exact location of a fire and extinguish them quickly.